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Why do business in Latin America?

Latin American countries are in continuous development; their business potential is still untapped.  According to The Economist, business growth in most of these countries has been higher than in many European countries.  With the exception of Brazil and El Salvador, most Latin American countries have experienced a four to ten percent growth in GDP during 2011.

Mexico is forecasted to lead the Latin American region during the next years. Facts like the increase of oil prices and salaries in Asia, and Mexico strategically near position to USA are promoting Mexico’s competitive advantage especially for the US’s manufacturing industry.

Latin America is notable not only for its diversity of natural richness, but also for its friendly, dynamic business culture. Doing business in Latin America can be a challenge that can boost your company’s success.  What strategy does your company have in place to ensure growth in Latin America?  How big is the potential of your company in Mexico?  In which country do you want to export or be international present? Share with us your experiences and projects.

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