Digital Media in Latin American an efficient way to communicate with your customers

Like it or not, there is not a way back in the development of the Digital Era.  Social Media has changed not only the way we communicate with our friends worldwide (Facebook), the way we #talk to each other (twitter), or the way we enjoy entertainment (you-tube); Digital Marketing  has also influenced the customer behavior. Today, customers “interact” and “expect”. Therefore we cannot neglect the implementation of digital Marketing in our daily business.

Latin America with its high density of young “internautas”; (Younger than 25 years old:  Brazil 49%, Mexico 55%, Argentina 44% (eMarketer, 2001)) is also one of the regions with the fastest growing index in internet users. The estimated 19 millions of users have rapidly increased to 42 million, and cannot accurately be determine. It is certain that the big advantage, that Latin America can mostly communicate in Spanish and English represents a big advantage for companies to reach a big audience with for example one Fan page.

But in which stage are Latin American companies implementing Social Media / Digital channels to communicate with its customers, our survey in LinkedIn showed that Facebook and Twitter seems to be the most popular, nevertheless and due to the high cost of telecommunications, alternative digital channels like Skype, free charge voiceIP, Whatsapp, etc. are also highly used to communicate with customers. This is not only changing the speed, quality and reliability that our customers are demanding for the companies, but also the readiness’s of our companies to not only react but also to implement Digital Marketing strategies.

Digital Media Channels

Digital Media Channels

Is your company ready to shine in the Digital Era? Keep in mind, the Key success factors to implement a Digital Marketing strategy: who?, what? Where? Why?  and How? … if you want to be ready to answer this questions for your corporate Digital Marketing strategy just contact us.

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