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 Closing the Gap between your business and Latin America …

Through …

  • offering a platform to get/provide the newest information about Latin American
  • exchanging your experiences or further your know how for doing business in Latin America
  • expanding your network
  • approaching your target customers
  • promoting your company

LATAM BUSINESS NETWORK events are recognized by their professional organization, valuable content, and quality of audience.

Networking while...

We will facilitate private companies the close interaction with the LATAM embassies in Switzerland, to provide  valuable insights of business opportunities and to promote qualitative relationships.


Take part of our events as...

Attend our events as:

participant: get access to latest information, qualified network and know how

sponsor where you can present your company to your target audience.

advertise your event within our members

• let us organize your event

We take care to provide a good atmosphere that enhances a professional networking, with an easy to reach venue and during accessible time schedules.

Target audience will include:

• Private corporations: high management of the Swiss companies or local subsidiaries from international corporations

• Government entities and authorities. Including Embassies

• Faculties of universities interested in Latin American business.

• Companies related to export business


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Trade with Latin America

Event summary

Zurich, September 29th 2015. The LATAM BUSINESS NETWORK hosted a successful event while pursuing one of their main objectives: “to promote the business relationships between European SME’s and Latin America”. The goal of the event was to obtain a deeper understanding of the importance of the business culture and national culture and the most important traits coming from the Latin American culture that impact performance of the region’s companies and how can we use this insight to improve our business relationship.

We had the honor to welcome Mr. Kai Hammerich and Sir Richard Lewis the authors’ of the rewarded management book “Fish can’t see water”. Not only their deep knowledge, their professional experience but their great interest in the topic provided the audience a deep understanding of: the impact of the culture in a corporation during their life cycle, the different countries success profiles in comparison with Latin America. Besides, Sir Richard Lewis explained his model of cultural categories which provide us a better overview of the big differences between the Latin American “Multi-active culture” representing warm, emotional, loquacious, and impulsive an the Swiss “Liner Active” representing cold, factual, decisive planners. These cultural big differences have to be adapted when looking for establishing a business relationship with Latin America. Through the identification of the golden rules for interacting with “multi-active” people, the “Linear Active” may be better for a successful business experience.

Mr. Philippe Margueritte as well as Mr. Mauricio Graber with their admirable business career could substantiate the theory with their experiences and insights. And Mr. Andreas Haas moderated a panel discussion enriched with the insights of the participants.

During the networking àpero, the participants have the opportunity to not only get their personal copy of the book and for some even to get it signed by the authors but also to further discuss the topic with the speakers and participants whereas included representatives of the different Latin American Embassies, Swiss Administrations and Managers of international companies.

The event obtained very positive evaluations as to the quality of the presentations, speakers and overall organization of the event. Our next event is due to take place next September 27th of 2016 whereupon we are preparing interesting topics that will further promote your business relationships with Latin America. If you are interested sponsoring our next event or have any further suggestion, please do not hesitate to contact us, and we will be glad to have a personal meeting to further discuss your ideas.


Maria Mülli, General Manager at LATAM Business Network

Mr. Kai Hammerich, Office Managing Director, Copenhagen
Mr. Philippe Margueritte, Vice President Global Travel Retail and LATAM at Coty Inc., Geneva
Mr. Mauricio Graber, President Flavours at Givaudan International AG, Dübendorf
Mr. Andreas Haas, Director Sales and Marketing at HaslerRails AG, Bern
Mr. Richard Lewis, Chairman at Richard Lewis Communications, UK

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