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“We close the gap between your business and Latin America.”

What can we do for you?

Are you in an early stage, or do you want to further consolidate your business in the region?

Our services range from

  1. Identification of opportunities “Market Analysis”
  2. Implementation “Market Development”
  3. and growth “Business Consolidation”

We will walk with you to develop the precise Business Model for your SME’s internationalization sucess

The following FAQ will help you to define your companie's current stage

Is my company ready to enter the Latin American Market?

  • Does my product fulfill the local legislation requirements?
  • Which are the market trends vs. my product core competences?
  • Which sales channel better fits my company’s objectives?
  • Is my most competitive price still profitable?
  • Who are my local competitors?
  • Does my product already exist in the market?
  • How do I create brand awareness and demand?
  • Should I enter the market direct? Distributor?

What do I need to know to define my market entry/developement strategy?

  • Which business model better fits with my company’s strategy?
  • Requirements to find a trustable business partners / distributor that optimize my export’s strategy (tax incentive, reduce costs, etc.)?
  • Personally / or represented visit to proffed potential customers?
  • Which local events do we need to be present (or represented)?
  • Which sales promotion activity will better position my brand?
  • Where can I find local skilled staff?

How LATAM BUSINESS NETWORK can help me to futher develop my sales?

  • How can I approach potential customers?
  • In which expositions should I be present?
  • How can I organize a succesful and efficient event?
  • Which marketing mix is the most efficient?
  • A local subsidiary?
  • Distributor agreements?
  • How does the local regulation works?

Our services range from:

  • Identification of opportunities “Market Analysis”
  • Implementation “Market Development”
  • and growth “Business Consolidation”

We will walk with you to develop the precise Business Model for your SME’s internationalization sucess


  • Market screening
  • Market dynamics and challenges
  • Competitive landscape analysis
  • Benchmark analysis (product or services)
  • Target identification, Positioning
  • On-site market research: market acceptance, price level identification,  products adaptation, etc.
  • Strategy Development (Business model definition)
  • Assessment and validation of your opportunity


  • Strategically market entry
  • Potential partner(s) assessment (identification, evaluation and negotiation with potential partners)
  • Hand to hand support: organization and logistic of business trips.
  • Identification and organization of local expositions/ Public offers
  • Sales channel, joint venture, and acquisition targets.
  • HR: identification and recruitment of local management team — CEO, CFO, COO, HR Manager


  • Sales support: sales lead
  • Marketing Services: identification of industry key events, organization and/or joint participation in local fairs, congresses, expositions, customer events or trainings
  • Digital Marketing Management (newsletters, local blogs);
  • Marketing Researches; local advertising; trends identification, etc.
  • Company/subsidiary establishment