Montly interview July 2016

The Lego foundation

 In the LEGO Foundation, we aim to make children’s lives better – and communities stronger – by building a future where learning through play empowers children to become creative, engaged, lifelong learners.

  • LEGO Foundation works with partners across the world to provide better learning experiences for children
  • The LEGO foundation is owner of 25% the Lego Group is globally active developing, producing and selling
  • The Foundation headquarters are in Billund and has an office in Baar, Switzerland.


Diego Adame

Diego Adame


I am talking with Diego Adame, he is a Senior Programme Manager at the LEGO foundation, And he is also is one of our key speaker at our next Seminar sustainability in Latin America” to take place in Zurich next 20.09.

Diego oversees LEGO Foundation’s portfolio of projects in Mexico with a special focus on education for children. LEGO Foundation is working with federal and state governments, civil organizations, universities and the LEGO Factory in Monterrey. Diego holds an MBA from the University of Geneva and a bachelor degree in Economics from Universidad Panamericana in Mexico City.

LBN: So give us a little preview of what you will be talking about?

I will share the principles of learning through play, some of the research we have done, some of the projects in Mexico and our strategy going forward. We try to bring play wherever we go, so you can expect to have a playful experience.

LBN: Explain us the meaning of “learning through play”?

In the Foundation, we strongly believe that children learn best when they play, because they are interested and engaged. Because play involves all our senses, it engages multiple regions of the brain, which seems to make the experience much more memorable. We are working with top universities (University of Cambridge, Harvard, MIT, among others) to increase the evidence about the transformative power of play.

LBN: in which Emerging markets does the Lego Foundation have implemented initiatives?

Our priority countries are Mexico and South Africa. However, the foundation funds projects in Tanzania, Rwanda, Mozambique, Bangladesh, India and global partnerships with with Ashoka, Sesame Workshop, Brookings…

LBN: Why Mexico?

There are a number of reasons for choosing Mexico as a priority country for the Foundation. As a foundation, our value add is around improving quality of education. Therefore, we can be more useful in countries with good access to education, infrastructure and governance. Mexico meets these conditions while at the same time having a strong need for better education. In addition, the Mexican government has shown commitment to improve the quality of education. Finally, LEGO has a strong commitment to give back to the Mexican people; the LEGO factory in Monterrey is the biggest in the world, employing close to 2,500 people.

LBN: ¿Give me an example of one challenge /opportunity that LEGO identified for this project in Latin American?

One challenge has been that organizations in the social sector in Mexico are not used to work together and/or share best practices. We are working to bring them together with a common goal. One example is the partnership we have with Harvard and the Universidad Regiomontana with the launch of the “Aceleradora de Innovación” in Monterrey. The initiative has brought together some of the top organizations working in Early Childhood in Mexico.