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Terms & Conditions

1. Interpretation
1.1 In these Conditions the following words shall have the following meanings:
1.3 “participant”: means any person wishing to attend an event set up by an Organiser also referred to in these Terms and Conditions as “You” or “Your”.
2. Legal relationship with participants
2.1 These Terms and Conditions apply when You register with Us as a participant on an event and make any required payment to attend or participate in events published on the Website (subject to any restrictions imposed by Organisers). These Terms and Conditions, govern Your use of the Website and the Services as a participant. By using the Website You agree to be bound by these Terms and Conditions. These Terms and Conditions are only available in English.
2.2 These Terms and Conditions constitute a distance contract for the purposes of the Regulations. We will begin to provide the Services to You upon Your registration as a participant and by clicking to submit Your registration, You accept that You will not be able to cancel any contract.

3. Payment & Registration
3.1 By submitting your registration form you are entitled to pay the registration fee. You will receive a registration confirmation per Email. We will send you an invoice and a bank payment bill with the correspondent amount.
3.2 Your successful registration for an event will be confirmed by email (“Order Confirmation”) when the event fee is register in our account and until this moment your place will be definetely confirmed.
4. Checking your registration and correcting errors
4.1 We recommend that You check the Order Confirmation email as soon as possible to ensure the booking details are correct.
4.2 If the Order Confirmation does not conform with the registration You made, please notify the event host/organiser immediately. Where possible, they will amend Your event registration as requested, subject to payment of any applicable booking fee. Alternatively, You may cancel an event registration by contacting the event host/organiser. Please note that a cancellation fee may apply.
5. Event changes and cancellations
5.1 The Organiser is responsible for any change it makes to an event or event’s program.  If an event is cancelled or otherwise postponed,  the Organiser of the event is responsible for informing You of any such change by email.
5.2 We will publish any changes to events notified to us by Organisers on the Website.
5.3 In the situation that an event is cancelled and You wish to claim a refund. You need to contact the Organiser. We do not process refunds due to Your cancellation of participation.
5.4 Not attendance, or cancellations to attendance in less than sixty days announcement are not considered. You are liable for the correspondend payment. And a replacement person can be sent without any aditiional charges and with previous approval by the Organiser. All queries in relation to an event should be addressed directly to the Organiser of the event.
6. Data protection
The details you provide on this form will be used for registration purposes. They will be stored in LATAM BUSINESS NETWORK‟s databases for the sole use of LATAM BUSINESS NETWORK. The details you provide may be used by LATAM BUSINESS NETWORK to keep you informed of developments in your area of activity through publications, subscriptions and events. Please indicate if you do not wish to receive such information.
7. Pictures during the event – disclaimer
LATAM BUSINESS NETWORK staff will be present taking pictures and footage at the event. These images may be used, without further notification, at a later date to market this event and/or within the following printed/online materials: brochures, newsletters, marketing materials, videos, social media platforms and the LATAM BUSINESS NETWORK website

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